Working from home – is it really possible?

One thing I love about being self-employed and working from home is the fact that my office overlooks a major train station. I watch people scurry to and from work in the dark and in the cold; all from the comfort of my office. My office is of course central heated and it has very expensive comfortable leather chair, a beautiful desk, state-of-the-art computer and loads of books. However, while all of those things are very nice the most important thing about my office is the fact that it is one floor up from my bedroom!

Working from home

There are various home business options to choose from, each providing specific liberties that may not be possible to get from the office environment. Here are just a few ways in which a home business can make your life easier.

Working From Home With Kids

Working from home with kids may be the most significant benefit of running your own home business. It.s possible to cut out daycare costs. Although some work-at-home parents still choose to keep their children in daycare to get more work done during the day, the option of removing daycare is possible.

It gives you the option be more flexible regarding your childcare arrangements. There is nothing more worrying and going to work and getting called to say your child is sick. No matter how accommodating some employers are your childcare arrangements are not part of their agenda.


Operating your own home business eliminates the need for you to sit in traffic each day as you commute back and forth to work. You will spend less time in your car and more time doing the things that you enjoy most. The mileage on your vehicle will be reduced, and you can save money on gas.There are no expensive train commutes to work.

When you travel, it is more fun!

Tax Deductions

Most countries reward entrepreneurs. In general, they get much bigger tax breaks than employees. Generally, employees on a pay as you earn tax system which doesn’t allow the many deductions for expenses.

If you own your own home business, you can take advantage of many tax deductions that those working in an office are not able to make. Although the savings only occur once a year, the amount you save each year may be quite substantial.

It’s possible to claim for office space even if it is in your own home. You can get allowances for computers printers and other office equipment. Your car is cheaper because you have a petrol allowance.

Pay Less Sales Tax

Better than that but working from home means that you can negotiate your own deals which reduce sales tax. What do I mean by reducing sales tax? Well, you don’t have to go to a shop and buy things necessarily.

I build people’s websites, and I also offer a consultant SEO service.I suggest a straight swap. I may say I want to buy that designer handbag what can I do to improve your business and save you money. We usually negotiate on how many hours work from me the shop requires.

I usually ask, and I pick up the goods when the job is half done. I wouldn’t regard it is ethical to take away the goods straightaway. It would also make it difficult to close the deal.

Most business owners agree to that. Now, of course, this isn’t working big department stores because you need to speak to the owner to negotiate these deals. However, it does working small one-man businesses.

I do SEO services on two local restaurants websites. In exchange twice a month I get a four-course meal with coffee and wine for two people for nothing. As there are two restaurants, this means that once a week I go out and eat for nothing.

That perk will never be available when you work for someone else!

No Boss To Have To Answer To

I have been self-employed all my life so to be fair I’ve never had to answer to anyone. That doesn’t mean I haven’t listened to friends moan and bitch about their bosses.

It’s easy for me to say get another job. These people need an income. Now grant you it is challenging to start working from home making money immediately. However, there are options available to you.

Being an affiliate marketer is an easy way to start. Wealthy affiliates is an online school which has been going for over ten years. Many of the most successful people in Internet marketers today have been through this school. In fact, many are still members.

Many people start earning money within the first three or four months. During this transition period, it is necessary to work in the evenings if you have a full-time job.

Most successful people start earning a full-time living roundabout month five. There are many testimonials about how good it feels to be able to get rid of the boss.

When you are your own boss, you decide the hours that you want to work, when you want to take a vacation, and the manner in which you would like your home business run. You have complete control.The beautiful thing about Internet marketing is that it is more or less set up and forget it business. That means that once you have started earning money, you can work maybe two or three hours a week and no more.

One website may not be enough to have Tim Ferriss four-day week lifestyle. Many people go on to rinse and repeat the process. Wealthy affiliates teach people how to build profitable websites.

Building profitable websites gives you many possibilities. You can keep building websites for yourself in different niches, or you can hire out your skills locally.

Most people do choose to build different websites because eventually all of the income from these sites adds up and you do get Tim Ferriss four-day week lifestyle.

Cost Reductions

Owning your own home-based business can be less costly than owning a brick and mortar business. Using your home as your office space instead of buying or leasing a building is a great way to keep more money in your pocket.

In general, it costs $500,000 to buy a good franchise. You can set up a website free of charge with wealthy affiliates. They allow you to evaluate the site by being a free member.

Free no obligation membership forever is an excellent way of testing the waters. You can see it working from home is for you without spending any money. Create your free starter site here.



Wealthy Affiliates
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Wealthy Affiliates has been going since 2005. I have been a member since just after it started. I have seen the community grow to over a hundred thousand members.

The advantage of Wealthy Affiliates is that it is dedicated to giving online training to newbie Internet marketers. Many members like myself joined just to learn how to make a profit working from home. We have come to be part of this community and want to stay.

That means that this site has many people making a full-time living online and they are there 24/7 to help new newbies. The community is the best community in the world they are there to make sure you succeed.

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