Is Wealthy Affiliates Real Or A Scam?

Is Wealthy Affiliates Real Or A Scam?

If you don’t know anything about Internet marketing, then the question Is Wealthy Affiliates Real Or A Scam? may not be on your radar. However, if you want to build a sustainable online business then the question What Is Wealthy Affiliate’s should definitely be on your mind. Wealthy affiliates is a membership site with both free and paid options. For the past 13 years, it has been teaching people how to build their own website business.

If financial freedom is your goal then you can’t afford to get scammed or to buy into false promises. Right now in 2020, it is relatively easy to make money online. However, that situation will not last forever. You need to take steps sooner rather than later to ensure your financial freedom. Why waste time on products and services that really don’t work. Wealthy affiliates are the real deal.

IS WEALTHY AFFILiate real or a scamI joined Wealthy Affiliate’s on 7th September 2007, and that is verified by my profile image shown to the right. I am still a member 13 years later. Whilst I am a fully paid-up premium member there are members who have been there as long as I have who are still free members. The choice is yours. You can create a free account and stay there as a free member for as long as you wish to. There is no pressure for you to upgrade.

The Stress was Unbelievable

I was so worried when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate’s, I didn’t know whether it was a legitimate online business opportunity or not. The only reason I was persuaded to join was at the time I was studying for a psychology degree and I was 60 points short. I had to find another module for 60 points and I chose computing. It was my University tutors’ suggestion that this website was worth looking at.

If you’re not sure whether making money online is at all possible and read more about it here

Whatever anybody tells you about Internet marketing and making money from home you need to have a legitimate business opportunity. There are many ways to make money online and affiliate marketing is one of them.

Why Is Affiliate Marketing so Popular As a Business Model?

Well, the answer to that is relatively simple. It is the easiest way to learn to make money online. It is the cheapest way to learn to make money online. It’s definitely the cheapest way to start your own business which will lead to your financial security. To give you an example it will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a franchise such as McDonald’s. With the help of Wealthy Affiliate, you can build your website free of charge. Granted you may want to buy a domain name further down the line but that is less than $20.

Wealthy Affiliates provides you with the platform and the hosting and the training all for free.

I know everyone says that if something is too good to be true it is. So let me explain. People do make money from wealthy affiliate’s as a free member it is perfectly possible to do. However, it is so much easier if you become a paid premium member. The cost of the membership for wealthy affiliate is as follows:


There are two levels of membership, one free and one paid. It is possible to purchase the premium Wealthy Affiliate membership in two ways. You can join as a free member and in the first seven days, there is an offer to upgrade your membership for $19 a month. Once you have paid for the first full month, you can upgrade to an annual payment.

Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)

Premium Membership, $49 per month or $359 yearly (Join Here)

What Is the Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Member All about?

If you like, it’s your safety net. If you’re not at all sure either about Internet marketing whether Internet marketing is for you, then it’s an opportunity for you to try out the site completely free of charge.

What Can You Do As A Free Member?

You can start your business free of charge from day one.

You can investigate the site for as long as you choose. The membership site is transparent, you can experience yourself how fantastic the communities without paying. Not only do you not have to pay, but you don’t even have to give your credit card details. The owners of wealthy affiliate’s Kyle and Carson are well aware that a lot of people have already been scammed online. They want you to have the experience for yourself free of charge and without strings so that you can decide whether affiliate marketing is for you.

You can interact with the absolutely brilliant community. Wealthy affiliates has a pay it forward idea. A lot of the members both paid and free hangout in live chat and they are there simply to help you. It doesn’t matter how many times you don’t get it, different people will jump in and help you until you do.

There are other ways of getting help as well. Try going into the forums and asking a question directly of the members. It’s difficult to explain the value of this incredible community, it’s just something you need to experience for yourself.

Are There Restrictions As A Free Member?

Yes, there are. There are several levels of training. The lower level of training is available to free members. This content is suitable for complete beginners including those that can only just write an email beginner! The training does allow you to build your own website. However, there are plenty of nuances that come into play once you have built your website. As a free member, you can ask in the community for community members to help you. Believe it or not, they will. The second alternative is the fact that you can choose to become a paid member.

What Can  I Do As A Paid Member?

As a paid member, you have access to the whole of the site. The more experienced members have included full training modules of their own. They have a choice when they produce this content they can restrict it to just paid members or they can offer it to the whole community. To be absolutely honest, a lot of this training falls into the premium category. However, don’t forget this is adjunctive training and it is not necessary.

There are also weekly webinars held every Friday night by Jay. These are very useful to new members as he often selects real member sites and goes over them to give you ideas on how they can be improved. Most of these weekly webinars or wabbies as they are affectionately known are for paid premium members only.

Is Wealthy Affiliate’s Real Or A Scam? Faq’s

Does that mean I have to be a paid member of wealthy affiliates to make money

There are people who have made money as a free member I have seen it many times? To be fair though these are generally people who do have some experience with Internet marketing. Those that have no experience find that they need an extra cushion and this extra cushion is often paid membership.

Does everyone who pays become successful in Wealthy Affiliate’s

I have to say that the answer to this is no. This is because a number of people come inside the site and just give up and leave. Everybody who takes action and actually puts in the learning curve does become successful. The super successful affiliates are proactive and ask questions and repeatedly ask how you make things better.

How Often Do I Have To Remain A Member for?

The average length of time for membership is around five months for those that don’t take the opportunity to pay annually. When you compare this to the cost of university education then the training at wealthy affiliates works out much cheaper.

Can I Make a Full-time Income Online at Wealthy Affiliates?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes. Not only that but you are rewarded as well. Every year the two owners Kyle and Carson have a shindig in Las Vegas. This usually lasts for about five days. The really great thing about it is that they take along every single member of Wealthy Affiliate’s who has successfully recommended 300 people to join Wealthy Affiliates as a paid member.

Why Have I Remained a Member for over 13 Years?

Well, for sure when I first joined in September 2007 I had no intention of spending even 1 year as a member. Gradually over the first six months, I noticed the site changing and improving. It still is changing and improving and the changes are very beneficial to its members. I cannot imagine leaving this remarkable community. Also as an anniversary present to myself every September, I go over the training again just to make sure that I’m not missing out on the newest things that have changed in the last year! There are many people within the community who have been a member for over five years. Some of those guys are now making five and six-figure incomes.

Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)

Premium Membership, $49 per month or $359 yearly (Join Here)Join today and find out for yourself whether Wealthy affiliates is real or a scam?


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