Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership Is it worth it?

Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership, is a great deal but it’s not too good to be true. “The old adage, ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’ isn’t always correct. In fact, the suspicion, cynicism, and doubt that are inherent in this belief can and does keep people from taking advantage of excellent opportunities.”The free membership lasts for six months and allows you to build two free websites. The owners of wealthy affiliate’s Kyle and Carson have decided that it’s in their interests to offer members this free membership so that they can evaluate whether you can earn money. In fact, free starter members can promote Wealthy affiliate from day 1 and earn commissions which are paid out every month on the 1st day of the month.

Why Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer Free Memberships?

There are a lot of really good reasons why they offer Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership, not least of which the site is so enormous, so packed with training that it can be confusing when you start. Kyle and Carson are so confident that their product works, that they allow you within the site to look around for as long as it takes to make up your mind. If you want to be a free member for 10 years nobody will hassle you. If you can’t see the value of upgrading to the full pack, then really you should be thinking is affiliate marketing really for me.

So What Do You Get Free With Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership?

Free Wealthy Affiliate membership includes:

    1. Access to Phase 1 of the WA Certification Course including the full video tutorials. 

You may be wondering what this entails. It is the first 10 videos explaining how you can create your own niche website. Follow your heart and create a website about something you are interested in. If you are passionate about golf, for example, you can create a review golf site. What this means is you will review golf products. You will become what is known as an affiliate for golf supplies. Your website will contain clickable hyperlinks to these offers. When people click on them they will go through to read about the product. If you have done a good job in your review they may well click the “buy now” button. When they purchase something you will get a commission for the sale. All of these ten videos and more are included in your Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership
Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership

Level 1 has 10 lessons, and 28 tasks included in the 10 lessons.

Video 1
How to get rolling
There are four steps to complete your account set up. They are all free, none of them ask you to put in your credit card number. In fact, you will never be asked for a credit card number unless you press the upgrade button. These four steps include creating a profile about yourself. It shouldn’t take you longer than 10 minutes to start. The reason you are asked to do this is that when you introduce yourself to the community they will refer back to this information. It is the starting point for them to know who you are and where you are coming from and therefore how they can help you more easily.

Video 2.

Understanding how to make money online

This second video includes an infographic. An infographic is a visual to write down representation of how Internet marketing works. At this point, you will be asked to write down your financial goals. You can discuss these financial goals with the rest of the community if you want to but it’s the first stage of accountability. The figure is entirely up to you some people say they will be happy with $100 a month while others want to earn $10,000 a month. The beauty of Internet marketing is the fact it scalable so the figure is entirely up to you.

Video 3

Choosing a niche

A niche is just a group of people who want to buy stuff! Don’t make this more complicated than it really is. It’s just a group of people ready to buy. The trick is to get them at the point where they want to buy. This is all explained fully in the training and the keyword training will help you get this skill up to speed.

Video 4

Building your own niche website

This lesson gets down to the nitty-gritty. It explains actually making the platform that will make you a profit online. Obviously, there is a blueprint to set it up properly to maximize the profit potential. This is explained in great detail view to follow.

Video 5
Setting up Your Own Website
This lesson is very powerful because it teaches you how to build your own website. Don’t underestimate this free website it is the first stepping stone to you actually making money online. Right from video 4, this video, you will learn how to make your website profitable. That is the function of having a website it is a platform for you to make money online.

Video 6

Getting Your Site Ready For The Search Engines

This sounds more technical than it really is! He really is just another blueprint explaining the steps you need to take so that the search engines such as Google and Bing can find your website. You can have the best website in the world but if the search engines can’t find it then they can’t direct potential customers to your website. So this is a vital element of your training. Completing this step alone will put you ahead of 90% of the competition online. Most newbies when they create a website don’t know how to do this and they failed to understand how important it is.

Video 7

Creating your Initial Content
This is the exciting bit. You learn the factors to take into account to create good compelling content. Many people find the creation of content daunting at first. It is a skill anyone can learn and the more you practice it the easier it gets.

Video 8

Creating Custom Menus
You are learning to create a WordPress website. A menu is WordPress speak for the navigational bar at the top of the website. It is a two-minute process to set up. Again, it’s function is to make the website easy for people to navigate.

Video 9

Understanding Keywords
This video about understanding keywords is crucial to your success. A keyword, although it sounds complicated merely means the search term that you write into Google when you’re looking for something. The more you can get your content to include the terms people are looking for the easier it is for them to find your site. The more people find your site the more people will potentially buy from you. Ergo later on your site will be as profitable as it can be.

Video 10

Your next steps
Obviously, the next steps are furthering your online education. To do this you do have to upgrade to premium. Not everybody wants to make that decision.

2. The Wealthy Affiliate Course including the full video tutorials. 

Wealthy affiliate Boot Camp training is also a series of 10 videos explaining how to create a website. The purpose of this training is to learn how to create a website promoting wealthy affiliates. The difference between the two groups of training is the first one will be in your chosen niche. That may be sport such as football, golf, baseball etc. it may be promoting video games, on the other hand, it could be teaching silver surfers how to be safe online. Wealthy affiliate Bootcamp is specifically working in the make money online niche.

3. Access to 2 Free Classrooms

Classrooms our areas within wealthy affiliates where you can type in a question and it goes out to the whole community. There are over a hundred thousand active members within the site of wealthy affiliates. That means you actually get your questions answered.

A. Classroom 1.  Getting Started Program

The first free classroom is the getting started program. This classroom deals with everything you need to understand the basics of how Internet marketing works. It contains everything you need to start to make money online.

B. Classroom2. The Wealthy Affiliate Commission Program

There are 13 classrooms at the moment. More are being added all the time. Arguably the wealthy affiliate commission program is the most important of all the classrooms. This allows you to promote wealthy affiliates immediately and it means from day one you can start to earn money. In practice, if you are a complete newbie it will take you a bit longer than that to get orientated.

4. Access to live chat for the first seven days.

Live chat allows you to get help 24/7 and get your queries answered in real time.

5. You can create two free websites on Wealthy Affiliate’s own platform siterubix.
These are completely free and without any obligation. You can have these sites live for as long as you wish to be a free wealthy affiliate member.

6. 12 Free themes to choose for your website
You also have access to 12 Free themes so you can make your website aesthetically beautiful.

7. Free Keyword Research Tool

8.Content creation platform
Access to Site Content writing platform within WA
Free keyword research – 30 free searches in their own made keyword research tool called Jaaxy

Who Benefits from Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership

Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of online marketing. You will learn how to create your own niche website. This in itself is a complete training.
The further training is available after you upgrade. Not everyone at upgrades to a premium member. My guess would be about 40% decide to go on and be a full member.

The other 60% of people decide that affiliate marketing just simply is not their bag. Making money online is not for everyone. It is also something that you do have to work at.

Wealthy Affiliates Means Work

Many websites will tell you there is a pushbutton solution. Frankly, this is a lie and it seduces those who really are just wannabe marketers.

What is great about the Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership, is the fact that you can create two websites at no cost to yourself. If you decide that wealthy affiliate isn’t for you or you have to do is nothing. You can still take advantage of the Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership.

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