What is needed to make money online?

Three things are needed to make money in any business either online business or off-line business.

  • You need a product that converts
  • People who want to buy that product
  • An intermediary between the product and the intended buyer.

In the case of online marketing, the intermediaries called an affiliate. It is not an affiliate’s job to sell a product. That is always done on the sales page for the product. An affiliate’s job is to recommend that product usually by reviewing their experience with the product.

What Is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who recommends a product. The affiliate is paid when someone purchases the product from the affiliate’s link.

What Is an Affiliate link?

An affiliate link is usually on a webpage. It is a link created by the affiliate

How does affiliate marketing work?

Wealthy affiliates faq's
The above diagram shows how wealthy affiliate’s affiliate’s earn their commission.