An Online Business Skills Checklist – Part 1

Online Business Skills Checklist – Skills You Must Possess Yourself

Do you have the skills necessary to start an online business? In this article, you will discover the full range of skills required to guarantee your Internet business is a success.

If you are going to play professional basketball, you had better be much taller than average. The opposite is true for jockeys. They need to be short and lightweight, so they don’t slow down the horse they are riding. In each of those examples, the person performing has to own specific characteristics personally.

The same is not true about running a business on the Internet.

Writing powerfully compelling content is an absolute must for any online business. But you don’t have to write that copy yourself. You need to find an intern, freelancer or outsourcer who is a skilled writer.

This outsourcing frees up your time for concentrating on areas where you excel.

However, as founder and CEO of your own virtual operation, there are a few unavoidable skills you must possess. You have to be a good delegator, for example. If you can’t write well, you must hire someone who can. So you have to be in charge of delegating that task.

Use This Informative in the Online business skills Checklist

When you are building your online business, simply go down this list and make sure someone on your team possesses at least one of the following skills. You may even want to write that person’s name or initials beside each of the skills.

You can then refer to this skills checklist as you are working through every stage of your business development plan.

Your checklist is broken down into two sections. First, you will see those personality traits you must possess yourself.

The second section contains a much longer list. You may find that your business doesn’t require knowhow in every one of these areas. That is because every web business is different.

We have exhaustively compiled a list of competencies needed to run most online businesses. While you may not think a particular skill applies to your unique situation, make sure you can turn to someone who is an expert in that area if the need should arise.

Skills You Must Possess Yourself

Online Business Skills Checklist


You have to be an effective communicator to run any type of business. This doesn’t mean your grammar has to be perfect. You just need to effectively communicate with your team members, vendors, and business partners. The importance of this skill cannot be overemphasized.

You may know exactly what needs to be done. You may have retained the services of an intern, outsourcer, or freelancer who is skilled in the specific area of expertise you need. If you can’t relate to them what they are required to do, you are never going to leave the planning stage.

This is far and away the most important online business development and management skill you must possess.


An Online Business Skills Checklist

Launching an online business requires a lot of research. Well, that really should be said a different way. If you do very little research, you will have very little chance of success. If you are willing to exhaustively research every aspect of your particular online business, the odds that you will be successful drastically improve.


There is an old saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” How true. There are probably many successful Internet businesses that were launched on a wing and a prayer. Without any real plan, but that business owner succeeded in spite of himself or herself.

That is the exception to the rule. After you do all the research necessary, it is time to sit down and write a detailed business plan. The more effective your research, the more effective your business plan will be in delivering your desired results.


Budgeting is a part of the planning stage. It involves uncovering every invisible cost, one-time investment, and recurring cost needed to launch and maintain your business.

Don’t forget to include room for unforeseen costs when you write up your business budget. A smart budget will plan for 3 to 5 years of business expenses. Don’t worry; you won’t need all of this money up front. As long as you know what your one-time, invisible and recurring costs are and you have a funding source which is available over time, your budget can work out.


If you have a tough time setting and sticking to schedules, technology is your friend. There are countless scheduling applications and programs which sync across all of your computers, phones, and tablets.

If you have done your research, planning, and budgeting correctly, your scheduling is the next logical step. You refer to those previous three activities and then schedule the appropriate tasks. You will find that being successful on the World Wide Web requires setting up several recurring schedules which take place on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Taking action

Having the knowledge and tools to get things done is little use without actually taking action.

Knowing when to pull the trigger and the next step to take is an essential skill regarding keeping things moving and progressing your business goals. You can use project management apps to assign deadlines to tasks and make sure things are getting done.


Unless you can somehow squeeze a month’s productivity out of every day, you will be delegating a lot of duties. You can benefit from delegation even if setting up and maintaining your Internet business is very simple.

You free up valuable personal time when you let experienced professionals and freelancers do what they do best. You can then focus on what you do best, running your business. Sadly, many entrepreneurs lack strong delegation skills.


What do you do after you assign someone an important task? You need effective follow-up. You can’t simply delegate tasks and then forget about them. You need to know what level of progress everyone on your team is making on the duties you assigned them. How else will you know that your business plan is on schedule?

Understanding your numbers

Running a successful business online means monitoring relevant statistics. You have to know your “numbers, or you are counting on luck to make your business a success.

Fortunately, there is any number of statistics programs and software suites you can benefit from. Google Analytics is a very powerful, free resource for tracking important business metrics you need to know.


Famous German military strategist Helmuth von Moltke once stated that “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.” Your enemy is Murphy’s Law. That “law” which says that if something can go wrong, it will.

Believe it. Things are going to go wrong. You are going to research, plan, budget, schedule, delegate, and follow up effectively and then … something unforeseen happens. You have to be able to change gears when necessary, and remain flexible to make your online business a success.


Your online business is your baby. You are so proud of it. If sheer desire could make it succeed, you would definitely have a success on your hands.

However, lying to yourself about some failing aspect of your business is not going to solve that problem. You must be able to objectively assess any and every aspect of your operation to have even the slightest chance of success.

Persistence and perseverance

Former US President Calvin Coolidge had this to say about perseverance.

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”

There will be speed bumps and hurdles on your road to success. Don’t give in to them. Stick to your plan and persevere.

This Online Business Skills Checklist is part 1 tomorrow we will publish part 2 of the Online Business Skills Checklist.

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